Civilian Formalwear

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Enacted in Dabao first year, a large ceremonial dress of civilian clothes-old system that has been modified to Sense endowment two years, Choga, used only in the ritual of coronation. But it is that depending on the clothes system of the Tang Dynasty of China, the tradition has led to the Han Dynasty.

This is a dress of various ministers positive follow the 2-position, the crown is studded with jade, gold Lin decorations on the front, upper garment is the right Okumi piled an inner clothing of Tsutsusode in large sleeves with shallow purple woven pattern, white hakama to the 褶 of gauze of Fukahanada tighten the wearing the waist Zhou band, central to sag a 綬, is to the left side with a short 綬, foil the Karasugawa to 襪 of cotton hung a Tama佩 to the right side. Have the scepter of Fang further Tang Sword on put-on beauty in Ayaginu band.

The regalia of your accession to the throne, during which time there was somewhat of a change to the Emperor Kōmei, this format has been used.