Land clearing a rice field

This is also recommended

Prosperity of the State in the Nara period was remarkable, but, some of the farmers who suffer from the burden of the rough-Yong-tone and labor, has been more and more things to throw away Kumode and houses. Also, because the population also increased, 722 years, the court will make a one million hectare reclamation plan in order to increase the farmland, in 723 years, we recommend clearing out the III oneself method. In addition, we issued a capacitor eternity private decree in 743 years.

Reclamation individuals are now able to own the field forever. This was a serious reform to break the principle of land public domain Ritsuryosei degree. As a result, influential nobles and temples began to land clearing by rushing, which is private land manor will continue to spread.

Rice planting in the Nara period is in full swing. People in one to continue the barnyard and the fight is a tough weed, from the removal of the weed of paddy fields, it has devised a way to plant a big grown rice in a different location. In this way, when the next of millet has sprouted rice has become another big. It can also grow on average in the fields, and fewer lodging

Foray into the local it has been repeated in order to expand the farmland. Because you try to widen even a little in the cold land that does not hulled rice cultivation in rice, the resulting strong varieties in cold weather to have been developed.