Culture of this era

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Occur cosmopolitan culture due to cultural relics of Tang was brought Shomu and envoys who protect Buddhism, that Tenpyo culture.

Japan in order to incorporate the culture of the Tang Dynasty, sent envoys over a dozen times during the up to 630 years - 894 years. At that time, the risk of such marine many, was a voyage of desperate.

Abe no Nakamaro went over to Tang as an international student, but can not return, sent a life in the imperial court of the Tang Dynasty. In addition, the Ganjin which was the high priest of Tang, while becomes a blind on the way over to Japan, and Japan, built a Toshodaiji to Heijokyo.

In architecture, the world's largest wooden building Todaiji Hall of the Great Buddha and, there is a Todaiji Shosoin of the square log architecture etc. are housed relics of Emperor Shomu, some of the treasures of Shosoin Greece, India, Persia some of which were introduced from.

Also focusing on editing of the book, is Ō no Yasumaro what Hieda no Are had memorized wrote, folk history, which is a history book written in myths and stories from the gods to Suiko, Prince Toneri et al at the center Chronicles of a history book that summarizes the Imperial family of history from the gods to Empress Jitō in chronological order on there is.


894年 - 日本以纳入唐朝的文化,630年来遣使十几次。当时,海洋等诸多的风险,是绝望的航行。