Politics of the Nara Period

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710 years, Yuan Ming emperor made a Heijokyo Nara following the Changan is the capital of the Tang. Street is wide road to the north, south, east and west, there is such as palaces and government offices, aristocratic mansion, lived a human of about 15 million people. Also opened, it was also used money called Wado Kaichin coin.

To the 8th century the middle, infectious disease is epidemic, also, because that also happened, such as conflict of disasters and nobility, is the Emperor Shomu who was deeply believe in Buddhism, in an attempt to stabilize the country by Buddhism, built the Todaiji Temple in capital , then made the Great Buddha at the center of the monk that Gyoki, was erected Kokubunji Metropolitan Kokubu nunnery in each country.

However, the construction of such as Buddha and Kokubunji takes a lot of cost, finance has deteriorated. From before the Emperor Shomu the throne, escape who appeared to throw away the land from the heavy tax Among the farmers, Kumode was insufficient.

Therefore, the court issued a Sansei herself method in 723 years, those who have cultivated a new land was admit the private to the person and children, III grandson. However, again the land is rough start when the deadline approaches, did not have much effect.