Trade and taxes

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The trade of the Yayoi era, not only to one region and one in the region, Okinawa and the Korean Peninsula, it was trade across the sea with mainland China has become apparent from the excavated relics around the ruins. In addition, it has also been confirmed that the specific place of production of the product, such as stone axes and Tateiwa production of stone knives of Imayama production there has been a phenomenon, such as the widely circulated.

Yayoi The era of the situation of trade has come to clearly is toward the end of the previous fiscal year - the beginning of the medium-term the number of settlements come to increase rapidly in western Japan around.
This time, the northern part of Kyushu in the area of Imayama production of Fukuoka Prefecture, stone axes and Tateiwa production of stone knives, east Buzen, west plains Saga, south situation that circulates in the Utohanto up, widely one yen in Kumamoto Prefecture appearance To do.

It began to beyond the sea trade with the Korean Peninsula and mainland China are carried out is a new trend of not was Yayoi era in Jomon period.


弥生的贸易形势的时代已经清楚地朝向上一财年年底 - 中期定居点的数量来在日本西部各地迅速增加的开始。