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Differentiation and identification hierarchy that has emerged by the start and development of agriculture, regional disparities will bring a new view of the world and domination order. Before long, it creates a more powerful political power, the next tumulus era giant keyhole-shaped is construction, we will towards the formation of the ancient royal power, ancient nation.

Royal tombs of Yayoi era to support the emergence of a hierarchy.

Gikokorozashi Wajin Den for the hierarchy of the people of the Yayoi era tells adults, Orito, that the hierarchy exists that raw mouth.
The support the existence of such a hierarchy is the tomb of the Yayoi period. Unlike the other when it comes to the Yayoi era, the tomb also said the "royal tombs" with as many of the grave goods and mounds will have emerged.
Royal tombs, which represents such a hierarchy, in the early end of the previous fiscal year to middle of the Yayoi era, will first appear in the northern part of Kyushu. In Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture Yoshitake Takagi ruins, including the multi-string Hosobun mirror one side Korea continent made of than 11 groups such as Ukanhaka-Mokkanbo, whether, Dohoko, the grave goods such as jade such was excavated. From the east 50m near the Tombs of these grave goods were excavated have been also discovered a large drilling Tatsuhashira building ruins belonging to the same era.