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Large-scale settlement of the Jomon period is northeast, Shin-Etsu, tend to be distributed more in the East, such as Kanto. This is the East of forest vegetation is compared to the West, has been blessed with trees to bear a lot of nuts, such as acorn kind, is considered to be due to was easy to ensure the food.

On the other hand, looks like the village are many distribution to the West when it comes to the Yayoi era Tokai region west. Yayoi era paddy rice farming, which became the center of subsistence of, because it was handed down from mainland China, the Korean Peninsula south, initial First, the village and the paddy fields have emerged in these areas and geographically close to the northern Kyushu region, followed by It was spread to the West around with the climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of rice.

Over the medium term from the second half of the previous fiscal year to spread the Yayoi culture to the East, the number of settlements will be dramatically increased in each of the plains of western Japan. Among these West each plains, have been known to be a large-scale ruins are many distribution especially in northern Kyushu and Kinki.